Uncommon Ramen: June 2018

On Monday, June 25th we hosted the latest installment of our monthly ramen remix, Uncommon Ramen, featuring Chef Jennifer Jasinski of Denver’s Rioja, Euclid Hall, Bistro Vendome, Stoic & Genuine and Gastroteca. We were so honored that this James Beard award winner, Top Chef Masters alum, and all-around boss, took time away from her five restaurants to come play with us here in Dallas.

Jennifer and Alex collaborated on the menu, which kicked off with a delectable Octopus Potato Skewer (baby octopus, olive caramel, country ham furikake). Their Shrimp and Pork Ramen (shitake-black bean broth, shrimp meatballs, pork belly, baby corn, egg) paid homage to history and tradition while incorporating inspired hints of her beloved tapas. The broth was surprisingly light, the pork belly, mythically tender, and the shrimp meatballs incredibly seasoned, culminating in the perfect bowl of salty, spicy, tangy, slurpable goodness, garnished with shishito peppers - a house obsession.

To compliment Jennifer’s menu and celebrate the official start of summer, we served up a Smoked Chili Margarita (Condigo Reposado, blood orange), and, as always, delighted in helping guests choose complimentary dishes from our full Uchibā menu.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to create and cook with Jennifer. She’s as kind as they come, at the same time as being a force to be reckoned with. When she wasn’t crushing it in the kitchen, she was out in the dining room visiting with guests, talking to them about the experience we were all sharing. And that’s what this is about – sharing the joy and curiosity we have when we’re dreaming up dishes in the kitchen with our guests, in real time. Every dish can’t be perfect, but this feast was up there.

A portion of proceeds from this, and all 2018 Uncommon Ramen nights, benefits Promises of Peace Gardens, a local nonprofit working to establish community gardens in vacant spaces throughout North Texas. You can learn more about their work here .

We’ve got big plans for Uncommon Ramen throughout the summer and fall, so check out this post for the full scoop including upcoming chefs and dates. Be sure to book your reservations early, as each event has limited reservations/portions.

Amanda Woodward