Whisky + Wagyu: The Next-Level Happy Hour

Happy Hour in Dallas is getting an extra infusion of joy with the launch of our Whisky + Wagyu Happy Hour. We know. You already have questions. Here are the answers:

  1. Yes we have happy hour on Saturday. Whisky + Wagyu is EVERY DAY between 5:00 – 6:30pm!

  2. It’s not a typo. In Japan, it’s spelled “Whisky” not “Whiskey.”  Since we have both, you’re welcome to call us the best whiskey bar in Dallas or the best Whisky bar in Dallas.  

But we digress… Whisky + Wagyu is a celebration of the rich, melt in your mouth tenderness of Wagyu beef, the complex, smoky flavors of Japanese whisky, and all the alchemical magic that can be made with these two beautiful ingredients, and a little imagination.

The Whisky + Wagyu menu upholds the tradition of all of our menus, blending seasonal ingredients with global influences to deliver on the promise of “the perfect bite.” Passion for the individual ingredient, in this case, Wagyu, inspired Chef Alex Astranti to create six different preparations of the prized, tender, perfectly marbled beef, including tartare nigari: cured egg yolk, tamari, yolk custard; Yakitori Skewer: bulgogi, lemon zest; Wagyu meatball: tiger cry relish, bourbon tare; tartare maki: avocado, bonito flake, aged soy; mini burger: miso mustard, caramelized onion, white cheddar; and gyutoro nigari: tamari, wasabi.

Chef balanced the menu with a selection of tastings, nigiri and temaki, including favorites from the menu like, foie gras mousse, shishito yakitori, spicy crunchi maki and more.

Our beverage team took on the challenge of hosting the best happy hour imaginable, creating five fresh cocktails to pair perfectly with our menu. They utilized both Japanese and American Whisk(e)y’s: toki time: Toki Japanese whiskey, shiso, soda haiball; heaven in a barrel: Uchiba whisky, seasonal bitters; yuzu apple smash: Bulleit bourbon, yuzu honey, apple bitters; ticket to Tokyo: Toki Japanese whisky ginger, lemon; and too much heaven: Bulleit bourbon, Bulleit rye, lemongrass, lemon bitters. We’ll also be showcasing the floral, honey tinged, Hibiki Harmony as a select tasting.

Not a whiskey lover? No worries. We’ve included a selection of beer, wine and specialty cocktails to enjoy with this menu no matter what your poison is.

This 90 minutes in heaven is available seven days a week, and while you’re always welcome to stop by, you might want to reserve your spot by making a reservation here.  

Side note:  if you’ve got spring flings on the brain, our happy hour menu might be perfect for your next cocktail reception or private event. You can find out more about private dining and special events here.

Amanda Woodward